Leadership Training

hire edge® provides an array of Leadership training programs to cater to all levels of leadership. Some of the more basic programs include individual leadership and the importance of demonstrating leadership competencies even as a team member or an individual contributor.

The next level of programs caters to first time managers and the band of employees who fall under the banner of emerging leaders. Certain higher level leadership programs focus on leaders who are transitioning between mid and senior management. This range of programs specifically gears individuals and teams towards building leadership competencies at the interpersonal and team levels.

The high end leadership programs are ones that revolve around leadership strategy, organization and team vision and all related elements that are needed for senior leadership teams to drive results and ensure that the right values trickle down to all levels.

hire edge® particularly specialises in creating custom made training programs that suit and cater to specific challenges and issues faced by leadership teams at all levels. Customised programs are designed, developed and delivered based on the highly effective ADDIE model. The workshops conducted by hire edge® are solution focussed and include a range of training methodologies such as role plays, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, facilitation, discussions, etc.

The prime objective of the leadership training vertical is to ensure that leadership capability is built at all levels within the company or institution and individuals, teams and organizations are able to step up their leadership capability to a level that helps them become more successful and achieve more.

There is no denying the impact leadership has had on human race throughout history. A few inspired and passionate leaders have the power to change their organizations culture and performance. Today, leaders in organizations have both a huge opportunity and responsibility to lead organizations to achieve higher growth and also create better lives for their employees. This requires them to enhance their leadership skills in order to enable break-through results for the organization. They also need to build their people skills to build a cadre of enthusiastic, competent and engaged leaders down the line.

Whether it is a paradigm shift or equipping your leaders with certain key competencies, we at hire edge® have programs that are designed to help you create a leadership edge for your organization. We partner with your organization to create a self-sustaining leadership pipeline. We also work with key leaders as executive coaches to help them define clear goals, evolve strategies and deploy them in action. The coaching process also helps them enhance their personal and leadership competencies so as to have an exponential impact in their role. Our programs range from comprehensive and long-term programs to short-term yet impactful programs.

Leadership Development

The program spells out the personal role of leadership in building and working in resonant teams. It develops the skills for leading in a wholesome and effective way. The program emphasizes the role of the leader in making change happen. The program contents vary according to the level of leadership for which this program is conducted.

Transformational Leadership

The current times therefore call for Transformational Leadership of a deep, intense kind, where leaders set the tone for organizational transformation through personal example and continuous learning. This 4 day workshop in Transformational Leadership is designed to equip organizational leaders with the necessary outlook and skills for these turbulent times.